Schadensersatz in Form von Gerümpel



“Schadensersatz in Form von Gerümpel” is a sociological case study on totalitarianism, sexism and Skat related obsessive- compulsive disorders sometimes mistaken for music 18, 20, 22.
Sounding more or less like when Chuck Berry, Lightning Bolt, X-Ray Spex and Kurt Weill meet for a Jam Session, while discussing topics like the economy in Africa or Russian anarchists living in the woods.
Check it out (with music, but also our old bandname):
Check it out (without music, but with our new bandname):

Actually, the anarchist living in the woods was from the US, but we are so anti-nationalist we can’t even tell the difference. If some one speaks better Russian than we do, please re-translate the text, we forgot what it actually means.

Whenever we are not dealing with educative music related issues such as Maths as in “odd time signatures” and PE as in “let’s do it again, just at twice the speed”, we try to seriously work on our geography skills so we do not get lost on the way to gigs anymore.