A++ One Year Birthday Feast at XB-Liebig

xb 2015
For the first anniversary of our launch party we are putting on a night of concerts at the XB-Liebig in Friedrichshain. Come and celebrate with us!

Videoexpo & Livesound – 21:00

Irene Graziadei – http://atwoplus.com/?page_id=60
Gift! – http://atwoplus.com/?page_id=228
Krälfe – http://atwoplus.com/?page_id=39
The Gonzo Foundation – http://atwoplus.com/?page_id=663
Schadensersatz in Form von Gerümpel – http://szadensersatz.tumblr.com/

Eddy Vivier Murangwa – http://theshorterstory.be/eddy/
Fabian Faassen – http://funkhaus-openstudios.com/fabian-faassen/
Dylan Baker – http://www.dylanbakker.com/
Santiago Cruz – http://rawlines.tumblr.com/post/45945747026/santiago-cruz-the-time-traveller
Gabriele Aicardi – http://atwoplus.com/wp/?page_id=228
Shoxxx – http://www.shoxxxboxxx.com/

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Irene Graziadeihttps://soundcloud.com/irenegraziadei
Irene Graziadei is an italian singer-songwriter with base in Berlin. Her music decribes quite well her search for truthfulness and clarity of intentions: often unconventional if not even weird, her songs still sound simple and straightforward, round and sharp-cornered at the same time and are strictly composed in function of the lyrics, always talking straight and still leaving a slice of ambiguity for further interpretation. Sometimes edgy, others dramatic or maybe ironical, hermetical as well as the exact opposite, the lyrics, mostly in italian, really drive the composition and the performance, so that even non-italian speakers can get the meaning and be touched by it in ways that go beyond reason and language.

Minimal-Noise-Rock. Bass- and Drum-Duo, based in Funkhaus, Berlin.

Schadensersatz in Form von Gerümpel is a sociological case study on totalitarianism, sexism and skat related obsessive- compulsive disorders sometimes mistaken for music 18, 20, 22. Also know as Verspannungsmusik or Mathe & Sport. Check it out here: http://szadensersatz.tumblr.com/
Or more directly, but with the old band name, here: iunks.bandcamp.com

Flusspluss plays with sounds and harmonies through loops and delays. It is moving slowly but steadily towards a search that starts with a minimalist concept to creating complex sound walls. The music is inspired directly by nature and the control over it ; impossible ; and it falls on its spectrum and change from the direction A in the X-direction ” and next and next and next.

Born from the ashes of the former St.Genet, GIFT! is a one man project based on guitar, delays, fuzz and rarely loops. Between holy and demonic expression, soft guitar whispers meet against hard, crying, violent strokes. Loud, rough, and yet soft, GIFT is flight, crash, black and white noise poison, contamination by creation.

The Gonzo Foundationhttps://thegonzofoundation.bandpage.com/
Though their former band “The Real Gonzos” was killed and buried it was obvious to Byko (Byko & The Bykonauts) and MirKong (Rockaway Shanty) to continue making music together and sing about strange stuff like “Roof Cowboys” or getting arrested by the “Internet Police” while eating “Girlfood”.Things started to get hot in summer 2015 when they crashed into groove machine Andrew Scott (UlrichPlays), whose tight and powerful drum style perfectly matches MirKong’s straight bass lines and Byko’s guitar playing somewhere between the sweetest melodies and pure noise attacks.Not giving a shit about musical rules and borders they created their punky but soulful sound, looting the last 50 years of music history.

Located in Berlin-Friedrichshain they started to conquer stages in September 2015, so watch out for THE GONZO FOUNDATION!!!


UTO Pizza – vegan and freegan pizza cooked with a cyber-primitive wood oven


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