Month: April 2016

Afro Ship Noise Empire

 FRIDAY EVENING 15.04.2016         h. 9:00pm AFRO SHIP NOISE EMPIRE                                                           

Any A++ fans in Bremen? Schadensersatz in Form von Gerümpel @ Spedition Sat Apr 4th

Schadensersatz in Form von Gerümpel will be performing at this event: It is a Soliparty for a very nice little venue called ZAKK in Bremen, so pop by and support, if you happen to be in the area anyway!

KRÄLFE Berlin 2015

Krälfe Live-Concerts  in Berlin 2015

Sun, Apr 3rd, 4pm: Schadensersatz in Form von Gerümpel @ XB-Liebig

»Schadenseratz in Form von Gerümpel« is a sociological case study on totalitarianism, sexism and Skat related obsessive–compulsive disorders sometimes mistaken for music 18, 20, 22. Come watch the newest part of A++ perform live on Sunday, Apr 3rd at XB-Liebig,