Month: December 2015

A++ One Year Birthday Feast at XB-Liebig

For the first anniversary of our launch party we are putting on a night of concerts at the XB-Liebig in Friedrichshain. Come and celebrate with us! Videoexpo & Livesound – 21:00 Live: Irene Graziadei – Gift! – Krälfe

KRÄLFE concerts 11.12 and 31.12 New Year’s Eve

KRÄLFE playing 31.11. 15  New Year’s Eve at Zielona Gora, Grünbergerstr. 73 in Berlin-Friedrichshain Start at 21.00 and 11.12.15 at the Schokofakrik, Dresden Start at 21.00    

Peep Box w/ music from Dylan Bakker and Sasha Pushkin

peep box#2 The second part of the process-piece is being developed in 2015 as well will be presented with new face and the next step for the concept. The piece is being inspired through the book Àgua Viva by Clarice Lispector, the


so FB läß nur noch begrenzt Einladungen zu.BITTE HELFT UNS TEILT DIE VERANSTALTUNG UND LADET EURE FREUNDE DAZU EIN! LIVE NO STAGE MIT: Irene Graziadei UND GIFT! Gil Delindro oder