Author: Byko and the Bykonauts

Gift! / Byko & The Bykonauts / FlussPluss / Live at Arcanoa / 07.04.

Atwoplus presents: Gift!, Byko & The Bykonauts and FlussPluss live at Arcanoa. Doors open 20:00 and the concerts will start 21:00 sharp. Line-Up: FlussPluss (psychedelic rock) Byko & The Bykonauts (garage punk / noise rock) Gift! (experimental /

Byko & The Bykonauts / Irene Graziadei / Live at Intertank / 13.04.

A++ presents: Byko & The Bykonauts and Irene Graziadei live at the Intertank in Kreuzberg. Concerts will start 21h and finish 23h. Byko & The Bykonauts (garage rock / space punk) Irene Graziadei (indie songwriter) Free entry! Donations

Irene Graziadei / Byko & The Bykonauts / Gift! / Der schreckliche Besuch / Live at Lighthaus Inform / 24.03.

A++ presents: Irene Graziadei, Byko & The Bykonauts, Gift! and Der schreckliche Besuch live at the Lighthaus Inform exposition at Rauchhaus in Kreuzberg. The exposition starts at 19h and the concerts kick off at 22h. There’ll be 2 stages and

Frühshoppen with Byko & The Bykonauts and A Couple of Identities – 15.01.

Join us for a couple of drinks at Zum Goldenen Hahn in Kreuzberg for an afternoon A++ concert extravaganza with Byko & The Bykonauts and A Couple of Identities. Live: A Couple of Identities (lofi punk) Byko & The

A++ Night at Überraschung – 13.01.

A++ Night at Überraschung with concerts of Byko & The Bykonauts, Gift! & A Couple of Identities. There will also be good food, great movies at a small cinema, visuals by rhythmus tv and since the upstairs is a gallery

Byko & The Bykonauts / Shipwreck Rats / Live at Arcanoa / 30.12.

Byko & The Bykonauts and Shipwreck Rats live at Arcanoa in Kreuzberg. Doors open 20:00 and the concerts will start 21:00. Byko & The Bykonauts (garage punk / noise rock) Shipwreck Rats (pirate speed folk) Arcanoa Am Tempelhofer

A++ 2 Year Anniversary and CD Release Party – 10.12.

A++ is celebrating it’s second birthday at XB-Liebig with a night of concerts and the release our new CD compilation with 23 tracks from 14 music projects from the A++ family. Doors open at 19:00 with food, drinks and music

Wide Scope Orchestra – Live at Rauchaus – 19.11.

Wide Scope Orchestra is playing/improvising/jamming at Rauchhaus tonight!!!

Krälfe and Byko – Live at Loophole – 14.07.

Krälfe and Byko will play with VA at Loophole this Thursday. It’ll start 20:00 sharp, since the concerts have to be finished by 23:00. Come along!

Lighthaus – Conform 10.06.

Lighthaus – Conform at Rauchhaus 10.06. featuring a bunch of artist from A++. Expo: 18:00 / Concerts: 21:00 Live sound Der schreckliche Besuch – squatblues Dylan Bakker – exp-guitar Krälfe – drum&bass rock Gift! – noise&drum Art Eddy Vivier Murangwa